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Roleplay Rules

Post by Disgustedorite on Tue Feb 07, 2017 8:05 pm

These are rules that are to be followed within roleplay. More will be added as needed.

1. Keep it SFW
Erotic roleplay is strictly prohibited, even in private messages. The occasional sex joke or innuendo is fine, provided it isn't explicit. If two characters have to do the do for whatever reason, they must be 17 (or equivalent) or older, and you must skip all the juicy details and fade to black. Graphic descriptions of relieving oneself are also banned.

Nudity in roleplay is acceptable, as long as it isn't described in detail or intended to be sexual; for example, a non-sexual locker room scene or a character being non-sexually strip searched.

2. Do not make roleplay threads of banned topics
Banned topics include sex slavery (including animal breeding mills), teen pregnancy, and use of illegal drugs. A character can have a history of any of those, and provided it isn't glorified a character can be pregnant as a teenager or use drugs, but none of those may be the main topic of a particular roleplay.

3. Avoid OOC discussion in the main roleplay thread.
If a lot of discussion is occurring or you anticipate it will, make an additional discussion thread for your roleplay in the proper forum.

4. Do not control other people's characters.
I'm just gonna tell you about something that literally happened in a wolf roleplay once...there was this den that belonged to a pack consisting of around 15 wolves, and I came in as my lesbian wolf OC and just sat down. All the members ran away screaming while the pack leader started biting me while I just sat there and flirted with her. She wanted me to fight her. Eventually she just started making up attacks and made me "kill" her by describing me tearing her throat out while I was literally not doing that. The whole pack still got mad at me somehow. It was an interesting experience.

Anyway, don't control other people's characters. You don't know how they'll actually react and you'll also piss off their actual owner.

5. Do not play "perfect".
Oh no! You're a small pup up against a large brute! So you...start dodging every attack and somehow kill them easily? No. Don't do that. Don't make up new powers just to win either. That's boring, give your character some limitations or people won't like you.

6. Roleplays cannot outright ban LGBT characters.
LGBT characters are a fact of life. Learn to accept them.

A limit is acceptable in some cases, however--for example, if your roleplay has a constant passage of time relying on people's characters having offspring before they grow old and die, you definitely won't want it all to come crashing down because everyone in the roleplay was gay and didn't reproduce! But the limit must still allow LGBT characters to be in the roleplay, even if there can only be a few at a time.

7. You must have the right to use any image you use as your character's reference picture or within roleplay.
Preferably it should be your own art, but stock photos and anything else in the public domain are also acceptable. The exception is if you are roleplaying as a character from a TV show or movie, in which case you are allowed to use an official image of them (or your own fanart).


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