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Global Rules

Post by Disgustedorite on Tue Feb 07, 2017 7:08 pm

These are rules that must be followed across the entire forum. Violation of these rules will be punished according to severity and past violations.

More rules will be added as needed.

1. Do not spam.
This includes making irrelevant posts, inappropriate advertising, and one-word replies (other than things such as answering yes/no questions or thanking someone). This may also include OOC chatting in roleplay threads without actually roleplaying in the same post, especially if the OOC discussion is unrelated to the roleplay itself.

2. Stay on topic.
If you're on a thread about cats, post about cats, not about your cousin's ant farm.

3. No on-site NSFW content.
This includes any kind of erotic writing or roleplay, and any nudity showing genitalia and/or sexualized nipples ("Barbie Doll" nudity is judged on a case by case basis). This also includes sex talk in general. Don't even put it in PMs. Keep this off the forum at all times.

4. No slurs of any kind.
Not just racial slurs--this also includes homophobic, transphobic, ableist, sexist, and xenophobic slurs. I don't care if you don't really mean it or whatever--they will NOT be tolerated in this house.

Note that some use of reclaimed slurs may be acceptable provided that the user can prove that they are using it in an acceptable, non-offensive manner. However, they should still be kept out of roleplay dialogue.

5. No discrimination against other users for any reason.
Whether it be their sexuality, gender, race, or ability, this will not be tolerated. No exceptions.


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